Welcome to Teddy's Command Post


This Is About Forging A Life Ready For Any Challenge

To do this, you need BOLD PLANS and the MINDSET to follow through on them.

Whether we're talking about your life or your loved ones, they're both your responsibility.  I know that might seem overwhelming, especially considering the chaos in the world today. But that's what I'm here for...

When you enlist in Teddy's Command Post, you're joining a mission like no other.

Over the course of this operation — you and I, with a squad of survival veterans and a band of patriots from across the US, will test our limits... and then blow right past them to...




You weren’t born to be a sitting duck, waiting for fate to strike. It's time to shake off that vulnerability! It's time for you to step out of your comfort zone... IT'S TIME TO BECOME UNBREAKABLE!

Spare me 10 minutes a day and I will help you realize that YOU CAN SURVIVE the worst... and THRIVE... no matter where you stand now.

There are people out there who — against all odds — make it through the worst calamities every single day. The only thing stopping YOU from being one of them is your current state of preparedness.

During your time in Teddy's Command Post, I’m going to show you how to gear up your survival mindset, set your objectives, and then create a blueprint for achieving them.

No matter how tough the world gets, you'll be in control.

I'll break it all down — from disaster readiness to hunting strategies...

From self-defense to food security...

You'll be armed with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to face any crisis head-on.

So, are you ready to step up, to become UNBREAKABLE, and to lead the way when the world comes crumbling down? If so, welcome to Teddy's Command Post.

Master Self-Reliant Strategies

Life is a battlefield, and it's time you learned to navigate it on your own terms. At Teddy's Command Post, we'll drill down on skills that'll make you a fortress of self-reliance. Learn to stockpile and preserve food, filter water, build shelter, and more. These survival techniques will equip you to face any calamity, ensuring that no matter the situation, you'll have the tools to overcome it.

Fortify Your Mind

A strong body is good, but a resilient mind is invaluable. At Teddy's Command Post, we'll train your mindset to withstand the harshest conditions. Discover how to cultivate a bulletproof mental attitude, develop strategic thinking, and manage stress in high-pressure situations. This is not just survival – it's survival psychology.

Secure Your Home

Your home is your fortress – it's time to treat it as such. In Teddy's Command Post, you'll learn practical strategies to secure your home against natural and man-made disasters. Get the lowdown on reinforcing your house, setting up a reliable communication system, and creating a home evacuation plan. Let's fortify your castle.

Preserve Your Health

Survival isn't just about getting through the storm, it's about emerging fit and strong. At Teddy's Command Post, we'll tackle critical first aid skills, emergency healthcare tips, and strategies for maintaining health in a crisis. A healthy body is the key to survival, and we've got you covered.

Lead Your Community

Survival isn't a solitary sport. In times of crisis, a strong community can mean the difference between despair and hope. At Teddy's Command Post, we’ll teach you how to create, sustain, and lead a thriving survival community. Learn effective communication, conflict resolution, and team coordination skills to keep your group united, even when the world is falling apart.